From the President’s Desk – November 2010

How is everyone, I hope you are all in good health. As for me I have had a very hard last two months as a result of my Father passing away in the Philippines. However, I am alright now and thank everyone who sent me flowers and cards, and also those who donated the money – once again thank you very much.

Also a thank you to all the committee members who had to work so hard during my absence, running our Society and arranging the functions. Then when I arrived back we had the presentation evening for Michelle Lupian, our candidate for the Labour Weekend functions held in Auckland.

Our trip to Auckland was on a sunny and beautiful day with no rain. Even if we lost our way we got there and it was worth it to meet our kababayan again. Here in New Zealand they live in different regions and cities, often engage in different work to what they are used to, but they are happy to live in this beautiful country.

Congratulations to North Shore City for providing us with a good time and thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Well done and you have wonderful accommodation and facilities for holding the sporting events and the pageant.

Lastly, but not least, congratulations to to Michelle Lupian for winning the Pistang Filipino crown at the North Shore City pageant. You are a beautiful and intelligent young woman and you must have very proud parents – well done Mr & Mrs Lupian. Also thanks to Flora who worked hard with the fundraising for Michelle, and thank to all those who donated and helped. If we work together we can do it. Many, many thanks to all the people who went to Auckland to support our young lady in competing for the Miss Philippines-NZ title. Good on you Michelle for bring home the title for your supporters from New Plymouth and the Taranaki region.

Thank you very much Katrina for helping our candidate. She did well without you – it must have been hard for her. Also thanks to Rowena Bermoy who assisted on stage in Auckland. Well done guys. The Halloween Party for the children was well done. Thank you to all the committee and members who helped to organise the programme.

And see you next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ulinda Sandford

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