Federation of Filipino Associations, Societies and Clubs in New Zealand Incorporated

Adapted from The Federation Newsletter, October,2011, Volume 5, Issue 1

Recommendations from the Federation Sub-committee

In the last year’s general meeting, it was agreed and approved by the members that a sub-committee be formed to address the various concerns raised with regards to the management and organization of our annual Labour Weekend activities. The objectives of the Resolution Sub-Committee are:

  • To gather facts on several concerns raised on member’s behaviour or conduct of another member organization
  • To analyse the facts and data gathered on each concerns vis-à-vis Federation constitutional and operational policies
  • To present recommendations in order to prevent occurrence of similar incidents and situations in future annual reunions
  • To present resolution to the current issues of member organizations affected and for its immediate implementation (which may include sports and/or cultural activities)

The sub-committee was composed of Jun Valencia of Waikato Filipino Association, Roy Homewood of Manawatu and Districts Filipino-Kiwi Association and Anita Mansell of NZ Filifest Group. The Federation Executive Committee with the presence of Con.Gen. Marc Punzalang of Philippine Embassy met the committee in January 2011 in Wellington to discuss and understand each concern and assign responsibilities to members of the sub-committee.Jun Valencia met with the concerned parties separately to discuss their feedback on the final findings/recommendations and reinforced again that all members are to uphold the aims/objectives of the Federation. All members should work together for the unity of the community.

The sub-committee reported back to the Exec-Com with recommendations and resolutions which have been accepted and approved by the Exec-Com and adopted in this year’s annual celebration.

  1. Strongly emphasized and recommend that any Executive Officer should not be at the same time the head of the organizing committee of the host organization. The Executive Officer’s responsibility is for the whole membership and should the officer opted to be involved in the hosting, the Executive officer should relinquish his/her role in the Executive Committee of the Federation.
  2. Where the Federation is to spearhead any celebration of a Philippine event, e.g., Philippine Independence Day celebrations, Exec-Com Officers should not be involving the organization being represented in terms of funding/financial activities. Activities as well as finances should be managed by the Exec-Com to avoid conflicts of interest. Where a member organization or group of organizations given the mandate to organize the event, the federation or the Exec-Com for that matter shall not be involved in its financial/funding activities.
  3. Another recommendation made which have to be resolved & agreed upon is a ‘moratorium’ for all Federation members not to participate/organize any sports events (also, cultural & pageant) on the Labour Weekend if they cannot attend/participate in the annual Federation celebration.
  4.  To establish accountability in hosting the Labour Weekend celebration, a set of policy was finalized to clarify the bidding process, define the criteria for hosting, post-event accountability and reporting, and the other policies that must be adhered to. In addition, a timetable of activities was also prepared to guide the host on what should be done each of the month 12 months prior to the event.
  5. A section will be added to the Sports Rules regarding the forming of Sports Portfolio Sub-Committee composed of five (5) members from different sports organizations to manage the incidents reported during sports competition. The sub-committee will be selected by the Head Sports Portfolio at the end of sports registration. This is formed every year hence membership changes every year. It is further recommended that this group be involved in any Federation Sports’ Rules improvements (if any required) that may arise from the annual sports events. An Incident Form was drafted which will be used to log any incident/complaints with the Sports Sub-Committee.

    In addition, house rules could be implemented by the host, as needed, to ensure smooth running of the sports events, e.g. special instructions to the referees and committee members.

  6. To clarify and be consistent in applying the provision of Membership section of the Constitution, the Federation Exec-Com discussed and agreed that clubs/organizations wanting to be members will have stand-down period of one-year before they can participate in the Labour Weekend activities under the banner of their club/organization.


  1. Only current members are allowed to participate in any cultural activities and/or sports events. By definition, a current member is one who has paid member’s registration fee for the year and has no membership fee arrears for the past two (2) years.

    If a member who wants to participate, has not been up-to-date with the membership for more than 2 years, i.e. has not been a member for 3 years or more, the member is considered as a new member hence only the current year’s membership fee should be paid.

  2. Participants of the sports events should sign the sports Code of Conduct. Refer to Federation Sports Rules.
  3. The Sports Rules and the Miss Philippines- New Zealand Beauty Pageant Rules should not be altered. For any clarification, the Portfolio Head-Sports & Recreation and Portfolio Head-Arts & Culture should be contacted.
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