From President’s Desk – September 2015

Lorin Rowe
Hello Spring,

Welcome to our Spring Edition of our newsletter. Sun is shining brighter and flowers are growing faster, and so are our offsprings. TFSI would like to welcome our future generations….. the Taranaki Filipino Babies namely Cloe Hazel Herbert (daughter of Cindy & Lewis Herbert), Janeca Isabel O’Keefe (daughter of Helen & Teri O’Keefe), Adelle Jolly (daughter of Mae & Glenn Jolly), Izabella Cassandra Wathall (daughter of Jaywin & Jason Wathall) and Jerico Camacho Rios (son of Alyn & Gerald Rios).

The numbers of Filipinos in our region has increased dramatically in the last few years. Thanks to NZ government for giving our skilled workers a chance to work and reside permanently in Taranaki and all over New Zealand. People who come to a strange country, feel isolated and stranger to their new environment. To some, they might know someone, yet an organisation like ours is very important to start their new life in a country called “The land of a long white cloud”. TFSI was founded in 1994, not only as a well-established non profitable organisation but also known as the most recognisable Filipino organisation in the region. Our key objective is to unite our people in the bond of friendship, mutual understanding and most of all is to protect the democratic rights of the Filipinos within Taranaki. Our vision is huge for the future and so we must support and protect our future generations who will continue the legacy of the Society.

What’s been…..
Last 13th of August and 9th of September 2015 we held a Sausage Sizzle at the Warehouse NP as a fundraising for our participants to Pistang Pilipino 2015 Sa Tauranga. We raised some reasonable amount. Sim de los Santos and Patricia Kemp made some Filipino native foods and sold at the venue to help with the fundraising. Thank you to both of you, also thank you to Lulu Mitchell and Chona Garcia for the big help. It was fun meeting old and new kababayan at the Warehouse. See you all at the next fundraising!

22nd of August 2015 was the Induction of New Officers. Thank you to our visitors who came along to join our gathering, and thank you to all members who brought yummy foods to share with everyone. I’m sure everyone was really satisfied with their meals as we got lots of good feedback about the foods. Thank you members! Congrats to Noel & Luisa Tabuzo, our raffle winners during that night.

What’s new…..
We welcome our new members: Precy Westbury, Hazel & Derek Gracegirdle, Leticia Trinidad, Grace & Patrick Forsythe, Marichu Lastima, Margaret & Gary Arevalo, Esperanza & Gregory Boulton, Dinalyn Gunther & Yvette Santos.

Travel Corner….. Kiwis are recognised as one of the most-travelled people in the world, according to the survey, and so as the Filipinos in NZ. Most of us loved going for a holiday or going back to our homeland to be with family and friends. In this corner, we want members to include their photos as part of our publication improvement.

What’s on…..
This year’s Pistang Pilipino 2015 will be held in Tauranga (24-25 October) and we are very proud to announce and support our promising & beautiful candidate Eunice Ingrid Santos-Gonzalez who will represent TFSI to join “The Search for Miss Philippines-New Zealand 2015”. Eunice is the daughter of Ramir Gonzalez and Yvette Santos. She was once a model of Gemma at hairdressing competition, a makeup artist and a singer at her Fellowship Church. We wish you all the best and goodluck to the competition Eunice! TFSI Basketball Team Under 19 will join the basketball tournament. Thanks to all parents who are willing to support and take their boys to Tauranga for the tournament. Keep on practicing boys. We also have four players who will compete for billiards (8 pin balls) : David Ban, John Sandford, Neil Sandford & Gil Sandford.

We will have another Sausage Sizzle on 3rd of October 2015 at the Warehouse NP. Garage Sale is set on 10th of October 2015, to donate any goods please phone 027-8401557. All proceeds from both fundraisings will go towards the expense of our participants to Pistang Pilipino 2015 Sa Tauranga.

Until then, enjoy the spring everyone and goodluck to our pageant candidate and to all our sports players. See you all in Tauranga. Let’s bring home the bacon!

Lorin Rowe

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