President’s Report – January 2016

Lorin Rowe
Happy New Year to all! New beginnings and new hope for the future. We would like to welcome our new members namely Zeny Batten, Ouksa Kessney, Grace and Robert Paterson, Norris and Ann Lagera, Eugenio and Jenny Duya.

Half a year of our term is gone already and it’s been an eventful and challenging time for the Society. Christmas Party was a success and we had an impressive and positive feedback from everyone who has attended the party. Thanks to all members who have come to help decorate and prepare the hall. David Ban and Romelia Rosal hosted the programme of the night. Thank you to Father Freddie Barte for blessings the foods and our people. Lechon or pig on the spit, our Filipino festive favourite was the most popular of all the menu . And thanks to Neptali Patina for providing and serving the mouth-watering lechon. Lulu Mitchell and Clarita Nono organized the exchange gifts. Also thank you to all our performers of the night, to all game participants,to Eunice Ingrid-Santos( our Miss Phils.-NZ 2015 1st runner-up winner) for showing her Filipiniana, to all who brought and shared their yummy foods, to the committee, to my family and to the rest of the group who stayed behind and helped with the clean-up of the hall. It was indeed a great night, full of cheers and great atmosphere. Thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate your love and support to the Society. God bless us all!

Christmas Carolling wasn’t too popular this year as everyone got their own commitments and parties to attend to. Thanks to all our Ladies Choir Group who joined the caroling. Chalmers residents were very grateful to us for singing Christmas Carols. Our untuned voices gave a big smile on their faces despite it was only heard for a short period of time. To us, we done it for fun and cheered the residents, but to them, it was a very special and sentimental moments and they deeply appreciated our time with them. Thank you to Edna Wilson and Lulu Mitchell for cash donations.

Bingo Night was held last November. The night was full of fun and laughter. Thanks to all who joined the game that was manned by Patricia Kemp. Also thank you to all who brought finger foods to shared with.

As the year have just started,TFSI will be even more busier. We will have three consecutive months of activities to look forward to. This weekend, 23 January 2016 it will be TFSI Picnic and Patricia’s Birthday at Ngamotu Beach. Let’s enjoy the warm weather while we can. Bring your own sunhat, sunblock, sunshade and a smile on your face with you. Next month, it will be Waitangi Day Celebration on 6 February 2016. As we called ourselves “Fili-Kiwi” living in NZ, Waitangi Day is part of our Annual Celebration all over NZ. We must embrace and adopt our lives to the country that gave us so much security, support, protection, excellent health and judicial system, beautiful environment and future for our next generations. Month of March is the Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Council (TMEC) Extravaganza 2016. TFSI is one of the active members who will participate in this much anticipated event. There will be street parade,, food stalls and entertainment by various ethnic groups. Please read the Future Activities Corner of our newsletter for all the details.

Father Don RanchoTFSI Featuring……. Reverend Father Don Rancho is a Catholic Parish Priest in NZ. Father Dondon as they called him, originally from Inopacan, Leyte, Philippines, was ordained as a priest back in May 2003. He moved to NZ to serve his priesthood for more than 6 years now. Living in Taranaki was full of fun and memories. He met people from all walks of life and made lots of friends especially his own kababayan. When he first came to Taranaki, he faced some few challenges like adjusting to the unpredictable weather of Taranaki, adopting to culture of NZ and the system of the church where he belongs. Now it’s time for him to be assigned to another place, according to Father Dondon he will surely miss the people that have been part of his life. TFSI would like to wish goodluck and best wishes to Father Dondon. As a leader of Catholic Church, you help unite the people, bring peace and love to one another. May you and your new destination will be blessed and guided by the True Almighty Heavenly Father…….in Jesus name Amen.

Enjoy the summer everyone!

Lorin Rowe

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