President’s Report – March 2016

Lorin RoweTaranaki Multi-Ethnic Extravanganza is popular than ever before. It took months of preparation by TMEC Committee and its associates and the result was a success. Again, TFSI has done its best to support Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Council and became part of the multi-cultural event.

TFSI Float 2016The day went really well with the Street Parade along the main street of Devon was a spectacular scene. Different nationality came together to show and share their culture and vibrant costumes. TFSI float was one of the eye-catching, designed and decorated by Gemma Evans with the help of Mae Jolly. Most of TFSI Dancers joined the parade along with other fellow Filipinos wearing our National Costumes. David Ban, our Secretary, took photos of the scene and was assigned by TMEC to help with issuing cash out to people using eftpos/atm machine.

Thanks to TMEC and Maori Warden for a hassle free parking issues, everything went smoothly. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. There were 31 international food stalls, displays, entertainment, rides for kids, arts & craft stalls, even the Commission on Election site was at present. TFSI food stall served pinoy specialty.Thank you to Sim,Lulu,Clarita, Patricia and Chris for all the help running the stall. Pinoy sounds (OPM) were played throughout the day as a background. Most people who have heard the music track seems to enjoy it especially our kababayan. The song “Ako’y Pinoy” is one of the music being played and this reminds them of their true identity and roots.

TFSI Dance GroupTFSI Dance Group delivered an impressive performance, according to our source. Thank you to all our performers who made an effort to attend our once a week rehearsal. Also thank you to Rose Smith for making our creative costumes and Mario Tagle for editing & arranging our dance music. A huge appreciation to Gemma Evans and Sarah Evans, mother and daughter team. Both were in charge of choreograph and making of mask used in Masskara Dance. I personally thank Gemma Evans, our heavily pregnant committee member, yet still passionate of serving the Society in spite of her condition. Gemma sang “Ako Ay Pilipino” as part of the performance. It was a very touching moment to our patriotic fellow Filipinos who has witness the performance. And thank you to all who have come to support the Multi-Ethnic and the Society. Some of them were unknown to us yet we felt your overwhelming presence. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

Pallak Manan , TMEC Entertainment organizer have done an excellent job. People had wonderful time watching the show. Korean Group and Bollywood came down to Taranaki all the way from Auckland to be part of it. Other ethnic groups performed with originality and pride.

At the end of the day, it was tiring yet, very inspiring seeing everyone’s involvement that makes this event a success. Unity and cultural diversity amongst different nationality have been added to our region’s liveability. Mabuhay Taranaki!

On the other matter………

January was the Month of TFSI Picnic Day & Patricia’s Birthday. The day was perfect and thanks to all who came and shared foods and drinks. As usual, Patricia prepared and cooked humongous amount of foods to satisfy everyone. Thanks to Mario Tagle for being in charge of barbeque.

February was Waitangi Month. Things didn’t go according to our plans. We have decided to stay indoor due to unpredictable weather. Thanks to all who came and shared foods, presence , time and laughter….. that made Waitangi Day a pleasant and enjoyable day.

March is Month of Arts and Culture. Aside from Multi-Ethnic, PAC or Performing Arts Collective produced a show called “Up Up and Away”. Our own Emily Julian has been given a privilege to perform at the show. Emily is one of TFSI’s most talented and valuable performer and a loyal member. Other Filipino performers including at the show were Carina Rosal, Mitch Lagera and Aida Vickers. Well done all!

TFSI BabyCongratulations to Raymelyn Betuin & Michael Vredenburg for the arrival of their baby girl named Victoria Liliaokahaku Vredenburg.

Father Freddie BarteReverend Father Freddie Barte will be celebrating his 25th year Priesthood Anniversary . Special Mass is set on 23rd of April 2016 at Inglewood Parish Church, 23 Standish Street Inglewood. Mass begins at 10:30 AM. Followed by shared lunch. Everyone is invited!

Census Form will be available soon to all Filipinos living in Taranaki. This will help us determine how many Filipinos and their families are living within Taranaki. Simple and basic questions will be use. All records will be kept confidential. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

TFSI AGM or Annual General Meeting is set on 18th of June 2016 at Beach Street Hall, Fitzroy. 6 PM starts. Potluck Tea! To all members, please mark this date on your calendar. To those who wish to join the committee, please come aboard. We welcome new ideas and suggestions. Note: Only financial members are entitled to vote. See you all. Thank you!

Until then……..… enjoy the lovely autumn days.

Lorin Rowe

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