President’s Report – September 2016

Lorin RoweTaranaki Filipino Society Inc. became officially incorporated on the 9th of August 1994. Twenty-two years down the track, Society has gone so far. From the type written, black and white to a high quality creative design newsletter, from a small group of Filipinos to a growing numbers, from small performances to a huge hosting event, our vision has slowly come to a reality yet our mission remains. Society’s objective is to protect our own people. TFSI’s Past President Ulinda Sandford, Edna Wilson, Lulu Mitchell and myself as Senior Members, Guardian , Board of Trustees,  all pure Filipino descent, been a members for so long and  all worked so hard to love, care, preserve, promote and protect the Society from the people who has false intention and cause trouble to the Society.

I would like to introduce the TFSI Executive Committee. Members and public have the right to know who are the current committee and their past and current profile in the Society :

Meet the Executive Committee 2016-2017

Lorin Rowe –  Current & Past President 2015-2017, Past Vice-President 4x (2011-2014), Past Treasurer 3x (2006-2009), member since 1996, committee member since 1998, Journey to the Manger  Performer 2005 (Highest Soprano), Pistang Pilipino Sa New Plymouth 2014 Cultural & Pageant Organiser/ Script Writer/Musical & Show Director, TFSI  Pageant Coordinator/Trainer, TFSI Cultural Performer, TFSI Fundraiser, TFSI Website Contributor, TFSI Photographer, Co-Designer of TFSI New Design Newsletter & Pistang Pilipino Sa NP 2014 Design

Chona Garcia – Current & Past Vice President 2015-2017,Past Secretary,  member & committee since 2002, Journey to the Manger Performer 2005 (Alto), Pistang Pilipino Sa New Plymouth 2014 Cultural Coordinator & Performer, TFSI Cultural Performer

David Ban – Kiwi, member since 2012, committee since 2013, Past Secretary 2015-2016, Pistang Pilipino Sa NP 2014 – Show MC, Billiards & Darts Coordinator,  David Ban a Kiwi bloke was elected by another Kiwi  Tom Stephens as Secretary this year but not officially sworn in during Induction Night   (Note: Officials must sworn in to abide the rules of the Society. Those who are not sworn in, have the tendency to breach the rules.)

Stella Schmidt – Current Treasurer, first timer committee member, member since 2006


Ulinda Sandford – Founding member 1994, Past President 6x, Past Vice-President 5x, Past Treasurer 2x, Past Committee, Pistang Pilipino Sa New Plymouth 2014 Food Market Coordinator, TFSI Sports Participant, Liason Officer (South Taranaki), TFSI Fundraiser

Lulu Mitchell – Founding member 1994, Past President 2x, Past Vice- President 3x, Past Treasurer 6x, Past Committee, Journey to the Manger Performer 2005,TFSI Cultural Performer, TFSI Fundraiser, active committee member

Evanne Hull – member since 2004, current committee member, Past President 3x (2005-2008), Past Vice- President 2004-2005, Journey to the Manger 2005 Organiser, Philippine Exhibit at Puke Ariki 2006 Organiser, Festival of Lights – TFSI Concert Organiser at Pukekura Park  ( January 15, 2006, January 28, 2007,January 26, 2008)

Gemma Evans – member since 1996, committee since 2002, Pistang Pilipino Sa NP 2014 Cultural Coordinator/Performer, Journey to the Manger 2005 Performer (Alto), TFSI Cultural Coordinator, Choreographer / Performer, TFSI Pageant Trainer, active committee member

Sim de los Santos – member since 1997, active committee member since 2006,Journey to the Manger Performer 2005, Liason Officer ( North Taranaki)

Clarita Nono – Founding member 1994, committee member 2x (current & 2000), Past TFSI Financial Accounts Reviewer

Romelia Rosal – current & past committee member , member since 2014, TFSI Cultural Performer,     Romelia was not at present during the Induction Night, she made her sworn in during our dance rehearsal and was witnessed by our committee member Gemma Evans and the rest of the performers

Joemarie Jungco – first timer committee member, member since 2014,TFSI Sports Coordinator

Edna Wilson – current & past TFSI Adviser, Founding  member 1994, Past President 3x, Past Vice- President , Past Secretary 4x, Past Treasurer 2x, Pistang Pilipino Sa NP 2014 Overall Coordinator, Journey to the Manger Performer, Past TFSI Cultural Performer, TFSI Fundraiser,    Edna was the Overall Coordinator during Pistang Pilipino Sa New Plymouth 2014, without  her tremendous work and exemplary enthusiasm, Pistang Pilipino won’t be possible to achieve

On the other matter……..

Induction Night was held last 23rd of July 2016. Thank you to John Sandford JP, who have inducted  the oat taking of new officers  and was witnessed by members. Also thank you to Ida Vickers & Emily Julian together with Rowena Rosario-Magquilat for organizing the music of Rey Valera as part of promoting the concert in New Plymouth. Thank you all for the great night!

Best wishes to our baby Myah Naomi Evans for being christened last month. Welcome to Christian world Baby Myah! Also Happy 21st Birthday to CJ Penaredondo. Congratulations to Dyna Patina for winning the Overall Winner of Next Generation Stylist during NZRHI. Dyna garnered few other awards during the competition with Mikayla Mercado and Leah Evans as her models. Congratulations to you all!

TFSI Garage Sale was held last month. Thank you to all members who have donated items. Also thank you to all who have ordered cassava cake as part of our fundraising for Pistang Pilipino 2016 event. To those who wants to try our special dessert, please contact Lorin to place your order. Thank you.

Featured Photo: Tupare Garden is one of historic garden in Taranaki. Located in Mangorie Road, New Plymouth and is maintained by Taranaki Regional Council, this stunning garden with unique homestead was originally developed by prominent businessman Sir Russell Matthews. Tupare Garden is open to public all year round and entry is free of charge.

Our heartfelt condolences to Noel Tabuzo and family for the loss of Luisa.Thank you to all Filipino Community for the overwhelming support during the difficult time. Also, we extend our deepest sympathy to Edna Wilson and family for the loss of her brother Roting of Tauranga NZ, and to Delia Jimenez for the loss of her father in Philippines.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Rey Valera’s Concert was one of the main event of this month. Thank you to our promoter Rowena Rosario-Magquilat for a successful show. Rey, a Phil. Musical icon and a true entertainer, shared his original songs and his hilarious jokes of the night. Thank you to all who have supported the show, to those who gave great thumbs up and positive feedbacks. God bless us all!

What’s on…….TFSI is holding A Presentation Night for Jenny Gutang, TFSI’s Candidate for Miss Phils-NZ 2016 in Wellington. This is your chance to see Jenny showing her graceful walk on her beautiful gown, watch her talent or just wish her before she’s off for the big event. Local talents never seen before will be part of the show as well. Don’t miss this out,on the  8th of October 2016 at Beach Street Hall, Fitzroy. Starts 7:30 PM . Light refreshments will be served. Ticket cost $5.00 per person. Please contact our committee members to buy your tickets. Thank you!

Until then, see you all in Wellington next month for our Grand Annual Filipino Reunion 2016.

Lorin Rowe

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