Highlights Of Our Year

Some of this years events:

  • AGM
  • Filipino Fiesta Gathering during LabourWeekend in Wellington
  • Jenny Gutang Presentation for Ms Phil- NZ
  • New Year’s Eve Party

Hello and welcome and happy New Year to all. 2016 was a busy year and we would like to highlight some of the biggest events we organised and attended as shown above. Thank you to the people who attended the New Year’s Eve party. It was fun and an enjoyable night with plenty of entertainment and for those who brought Filipino delicacies it was a delicious blend with the western food. We also have visitors from Canada and Australia who attended that night with the family And for those who came from Hawera, Stratford, Patea, Opunake, thank you for coming we hope you enjoyed that night. Lots of new faces around specially the young ones, welcome and thanks for showing your talent and my advice is to continue to show your talent, to dream and never give up.

Special Thanks: To Patricia Kemp for her effort to cook lots of Filipino food for us, to Bing Robertson for Flower arrangement, Alma Blair for the decorations, Nep Patenia for Lechon and the program coordinator Gemma Evans. To Father Barte for your attendance and the prayer offerings, to the entertainers – you’re doing the best thank you.

I’d like to acknowledge the committee members who work hard. With their combined talent and energy we achieved our activities this year through co-operation and teamwork. We know it’s not an easy year for us but we always come up with a good ideas and with great attitude we try our best to make it possible. Well done!

Looking ahead to 2017 our vision and the future of Taranaki Filipino Society

One of our main objective this year is to unite and encourage more participation from all the Filipinos around Taranaki to join with us on our upcoming activities and big events such as; Labour Weekend, Multi-ethnic and Christmas parade. We want you to become involved and be proud to be able to participate in these kinds of events, it’s a great experience. Don’t hesitate to come and join with us it is our duty to welcome you all new comers and for those who are willing to help. Now is the time to get involve in the community where you belong.

Multi-Ethnic Parade and Extravaganza : Happens this year on the 4th March we are joining the parade, food stall and entertainment this year so this is going to be exciting and busy time. To be held at the Racecourse, New Plymouth. Parade starts at 10.30 am .We need a few dancers and helpers so contact the committee as soon as possible if you are willing to help.

Valentine’s Day Disco Party on February 11th, 2017 – Saturday in Beach Street Hall starts at 6 pm, potluck tea and bring $2 dollars for the raffles, fun and games and entertainment , for the King and Queen on that night the crown is waiting so be there. You will earn the title of the whole year as King and Queen of Valentines. Last year’s crown goes to the couple Mr and Mrs Rodgers.

Simbang Gabi Mass –was held last December 16 in St. Joseph church. Attended by many Filipinos and was planning to do a novena next year but this time in nine consecutive days. Father Barte is the officiating priest and Filipino choir group was singing lead by Ruel Sanchez and Emily Julian

Advertisement and Membership Fee: A reminder from the Treasurer to please pay your advert and membership fee now and pay directly to her address at Stella Schmidt :14 Burton Street Fitzroy, New Plymouth

Viva Pit Senior – January Celebration: Feast of Senior Santo Nino. Gathering for the Devotions and prayers at Clarita Hall’s residence.

Facebook Page and Website: Please like our facebook page it’s always there to share photos of the things that are not generally published in the newsletter. Also our website is always up and running great way to browse old and recent photos and update we shared for you guys find us on www.taranakifilipino.org

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