From the President’s Desk – January 2018

Mabuhay to everyone.

Once again I want to express my gratitude to all of the TFSI officers, committee and members who actively support every Society event and fund raiser. Without the presence and cooperation of each and every one of us, nothing can be achieved. I can’t thank you enough. I am hoping that you will continually support our Society. Let us remember that it is not only to stay connected, but most importantly, to pass on our culture to the younger generation, to show our best traits and share with our fellow Kiwi’s that which makes us Filipino.

The Masquerade Ball was in November followed by the Christmas party in December were both a huge success. Everyone enjoyed themselves with lots of laughs and memories to cherish. Many of you were able to get to Hawera’s Mexican themed Christmas party which looked great, the photo both proved very popular.

A special thank you to Ulinda Sandford who did her best to make the Unified Filipino pre-new Years Party a night to remember. It was a great night, and a privilege to meet our kababayan who live in that area. Sorry I forgot the sound system, but in typical Filipino fashion, people pitched in and solved the problem.

Our next event will be on 03rd Feb. Its an outdoor activity – “Picnic at Ngamuto Beach”. I encourage you all to come along and enjoy another moment together.

Lastly, I would like to honour the people who willingly help Janeth, wherein she and her husband, Terion, had a sea accident that took her husbands life. Janeth holds a tourist visa and is greatly in need of emotional support. Let us show our concern and help her during this difficult time. Applications to change her visa have been started and God willing she will be able to stay and won’t be sent home. If you wish to contact her, please let us know, David our secretary, has her contact information.

Together we can make a difference.

May God bless us all

President- Romellia Rosal

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