From the President’s Desk – July 2018



My one-year term as President of the society ends tonight, I may or may not be re-elected, but I am glad I’ve been given this opportunity to experience this exciting role. Tonight, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for the overwhelming support I received during my journey as the President of the society. Thank you for all your help, to my fellow officers, committee members and to all the members who actively participate in every event that the society hosted for the likes of Emily, Evelyn, Rose, Helen, Juliet… Thanks to my loving and supportive husband and to GOD who blessed me and directed me to kind hearted people.

Looking back, I thought that this position would be boring that it will be just organising parties, but as I go on I found out, I was wrong this is an exciting and challenging role. The chance to help our kababayan in need not only financially but emotionally, being there for each other is a precious gift that we can give.

I am pleased to report that during the year we had achieved quiet a tremendous success in our hosted events, like the Variety Show, Karaoke Night, Masquerade Ball and recently our April rock n roll which we were able to generate a huge amount of money to fund our candidate Sarah Evans, sports players and performers for the upcoming October Pistang Pilipino event to be held at Rotorua.
We are also able to purchase a new sound system for the society which we are now enjoying. And also we were able to provide support letters for immigration to 5 Filipinas.

We also actively participate the yearly Taranaki Multi Ethnic and thanks to the effort of Rose Smith, Juliet, Janeth and Bing Quintos led by Gemma Evans who creatively made our Float during the Multi Ethnic last March and it won the 1st prize. It was indeed a great pride to us Filipinos to be known here in Taranaki not only for our great smiles but also through our skills and talents.

I must admit that the task of being president was not easy. Being President means you have to cater everyone’s need, to serve and listen, and to deliver the society purpose, but surely this will be lighter with all members commitments and supports.

Let us all ponder and ask ourselves, WHAT WE CAN GIVE TO THE SOCIETY. It is only by this thought our society will achieve its goal and will have happy satisfied members.

I wish all the luck of the newly elected officers and committee members.

Thank you and GOD Bless us all.

President- Romellia Rosal

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