From the President’s Desk – June 2019


It’s been a while since the last Society’s Newsletter was sent out, and I apologize for skipping the March issue. It has been a hectic several months, with lots of important commitments that I am attending with, so time just passed by without me noticing. Anyhow, let me impart to you all the past events from over the last five months starting with the society’s Christmas celebration. I can say it was indeed a successful gathering, although some members who usually attend in every society’s event were not present, but there were new faces attending and it is fulfilling to have them. It only means that the Filipino population in Taranaki is growing and it is our vision to meet and greet the new comers. Same outcome with the February event. We had no gathering for both April and May. A special thank you to Gemma, who always managed the stage decorations on our past functions and of course with the help of other enthusiastic people – Janet, Vicky, Maddie and Rose Smith. Read more

From the President’s Desk – July 2018



My one-year term as President of the society ends tonight, I may or may not be re-elected, but I am glad I’ve been given this opportunity to experience this exciting role. Tonight, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for the overwhelming support I received during my journey as the President of the society. Thank you for all your help, to my fellow officers, committee members and to all the members who actively participate in every event that the society hosted for the likes of Emily, Evelyn, Rose, Helen, Juliet… Thanks to my loving and supportive husband and to GOD who blessed me and directed me to kind hearted people.
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From the President’s Desk – March 2018


By the end of June 2018, my term as President of the TFSI will come to an end. This may be my last report and I would to express my gratitude to my fellow officers, committee and members who supported me in this exciting and challenging role. What I have learnt over the past 10 months was the importance of being sensitive to the needs of the members, working as a team to get things accomplished. Let us never forget our heritage and be proud a Filipino. I encourage all members to attend our upcoming annual general meeting this June 16th at the St. Joseph Parish Hall, Powder ham Street. It is time to voice out your suggestions, raise any concerns and select a new set of officers and committee.
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From the President’s Desk – January 2018

Mabuhay to everyone.

Once again I want to express my gratitude to all of the TFSI officers, committee and members who actively support every Society event and fund raiser. Without the presence and cooperation of each and every one of us, nothing can be achieved. I can’t thank you enough. I am hoping that you will continually support our Society. Let us remember that it is not only to stay connected, but most importantly, to pass on our culture to the younger generation, to show our best traits and share with our fellow Kiwi’s that which makes us Filipino.

The Masquerade Ball was in November followed by the Christmas party in December were both a huge success. Everyone enjoyed themselves with lots of laughs and memories to cherish. Many of you were able to get to Hawera’s Mexican themed Christmas party which looked great, the photo both proved very popular.
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From the President’s Desk – October 2017

Mabuhay to everyone.

Being able to witness the annual Pistang Pilipino celebration in Christchurch this Labour weekend was a great privilege. Seeing my kababayan with great smiles, and excitement in the faces of all I meet was a true pleasure. It inspired me more to help make our society reach its goal, to preserve our Filipino culture so we can pass it on to the younger generation. It is something we should cherish, to unite all Filipino throughout Taranaki.

I am especially happy to announce that our candidate, Jenny Gutang, won Miss Talent 2017, best Filipiniana 2017 and 2nd runner up over all for 2017. Congratulations Jenny, thank you for all the hard work, and representing the TFSI so well to the rest of New Zealand.
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From the President’s Desk – September 2017

Greetings to everyone

As President of our Taranaki Filipino Society, I would like to thank you all for joining in and making our events so enjoyable. We have had our Cultural Night, where our new, and not so new, officers were sworn in. This was followed by a program of dancing and singing by our members from all over Taranaki. We have also had a variety show. We are truly blessed to have such an abundance of willing and talented people getting involved. This was a great evening, and it’s so nice to see so many of the younger members getting involved. We also took part in the Taranaki Arts Festival, combined with the Taranaki Multi Ethnic. Again, our members show cased Filipino talent.
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From the President’s Desk – July 2017

Greetings to everyone

The TFSI annual general meeting was a great success, and thanks to all members who attended and participated in this annual event.

I would also like to thank you all for putting your trust in me, and electing me as the new Society President. I am a mother of four, three girls and a son. I am also blessed to have a very supportive husband, Romel. Currently I work at Max Pennington’s Auto City as the Assistant Accountant. I am also an active member of CFC (Couples for Christ) and the coordinator of our social ministry. Like wise I am the Treasurer of St. Vincent de Paul of St. Joseph Church a Catholic Charity/Lay Organization. I love the challenges and the responsibility of each position that I am handling, and always trying my very best to perform these duties as expected from me, with GOD’s help.
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Highlights Of Our Year

Some of this years events:

  • AGM
  • Filipino Fiesta Gathering during LabourWeekend in Wellington
  • Jenny Gutang Presentation for Ms Phil- NZ
  • New Year’s Eve Party

Hello and welcome and happy New Year to all. 2016 was a busy year and we would like to highlight some of the biggest events we organised and attended as shown above. Thank you to the people who attended the New Year’s Eve party. It was fun and an enjoyable night with plenty of entertainment and for those who brought Filipino delicacies it was a delicious blend with the western food. We also have visitors from Canada and Australia who attended that night with the family And for those who came from Hawera, Stratford, Patea, Opunake, thank you for coming we hope you enjoyed that night. Lots of new faces around specially the young ones, welcome and thanks for showing your talent and my advice is to continue to show your talent, to dream and never give up. Read more

From the Vice President’s Desk

Chona Garcia
Hello whats happening now ?

Another year of successful activities and the year is coming to a close. Let’ s talk about whats going on inside the community and whats about to happen next – our plan and upcoming activities for the year ahead. Firstly, we the committee are looking forward to move on and focus on a positive side to support each other and are committed to continue our service in the community without any doubts. I would like to give thanks to all the people who are involved in all the activities we have this year. I also apologise for the delay of the newsletter and to all the members who didn’ t get one in the last issue. Winter is ended and we are now ready for the summers events. I want to thank Jenny Gutang for a her willingness to join the Miss Philippines New Zealand 2016 but unfortunately Jenny was not able not to participate in the contest due to unexpected illness. By the way our Presentation for Ms. New Zealand Philippines was a successful one. Thank you to all members and the organisers, namely Gemma Evans and Lorin Rowe for their devotion and hard work to make the event a successful one. The feedback was great especially the entertainment part and refreshments also to the committee who are involved well done. Thanks to the Tribal dancers group lead by Gemma, the Basketball Team organised by Joemarie Jungco and the badminton players for participating in Wellington Labour Weekend Fiesta gathering. We also joined the Christmas parade this year, thankfully it was nice weather. Thanks to all the committees and members involved in fundraising, sausage sizzles, garage sales and cash donations and gift baskets the society cannot survive without your willingness and loving support. Read more

President’s Report – November 2016

Every year Pistang Pilipino is getting bigger and better. Congratulations to the Committee and Organisers of Pistang Pilipino Sa Wellington 2016 led by Boni Laranang. Our first night was very exciting and inspiring listening to our top politicians and leaders at The Beehive Parliament Building during Meet & Greet Night which Ulinda and I have […]