Photos – July 2015

From the President’s Desk – Hulyo 2015

Lorin RoweWelcome Everyone!

I would like to thank the previous committee and members for the trust and privilege you have given me to lead the Society. My role as a President might be new to me but the work and effort that I voluntarily offered to the Society is still the same. I’ve been a member of the Society since 1996 and a committee member since 1998. As an experienced committee member, I’ve been dealing with different issues within the Society long enough and been supporting the previous terms ever since. One of the Society’s objective is “to recognize and be recognized Filipino Society as part of community building in Taranaki”, and this is what I stands for. With the support of our committee and members…..together we can make a difference!!!

It’s been a busy time lately, the Thanks Giving Night for Pistang Pilipino Event last 16th of May at NP Club have been attended by our Pistang Pilipino Committee, performers and volunteers. Everyone enjoyed the night with the live band in the background. A huge thank you to all involved in our history made “Pistang Pilipino” event.

A lot of our members and other kababayans came along and had a great night at Taranaki Goes Retro last month. Even Father Freddie Barte, our friendly and sociable priest, thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The music and dance night was successfully organized by Lami and Rowena Magquilat-Rosario. A huge thank you to both of you. Your live band group is just the talk of the town due to awesome and lively sounds. Everyone is looking forward for the next one!

TFSI as a loyal and long time member of TMEC (Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Council) will once again support and join the much anticipated Multi Ethnic Extravaganza 2016. Some of our committee members and I have attended the TMEC meeting and careful planning of the said event is underway. Watch this space!

Another exciting event was the Country Music Show held at NP Club and was organized by PAC (Performing Arts Collective). Our very own Gemma Evans, her two girls Sarah & Leah Evans, niece Cheyene Shand and three other Filipina namely Betuin Rayme, Mitch Lagera & Carina Rosal performed at the show with pride and confidence. This showed us that Filipinos got an amazing talents that we can be proud of. Before the end of the show, Gemma received a special PAC Award for being a committed performer. Well done Gemma and the girls!

TFSI is pleased to announce that our very own kababayan Dayna Patina, who’s working for HQ (Head Quarters) Salon, joined the NZARH (NZ Associations of Registered Hairdressing Inc.) Regional Competition. With Katie Rowe & Bethanie Abad as her models, Dayna had done an exceptional job to compete with the best in Taranaki. On the other hand, Michelle Lupian also joined as a model for another competitor. Well done girls!

TFSI congratulates Gerald and Alyn Rios for the arrival of their baby boy Jericho Camacho-Rios. Welcome to the world little angel!

Lastly…..on behalf of Taranaki Filipino Society, we would like to extend our heartfelt “Thank You” to Ver, our Webmaster, and Harold Jurgens, our Publications Editor for all the hardwork they put on to keep everyone informed. Your expertise made a huge difference and contributions to the Society.

Thank you Ver and Harold!

Until the next report…..keep safe and keep warm everyone as our weather is getting cooler each day. God bless you all!

Lorin Rowe

P.S. Any comments and suggestions are most welcome….but it will be subject to discussions and approval by the committee.

Executive Committee 2015 – 2016

President : Lorin Rowe
Vice-President : Prescilla Macales
Secretary : David Ban
Treasurer : Chona Garcia


  • Ulinda Sandford
  • Lulu Mitchell
  • Gemma Evans
  • Sim De Los Santos
  • Patricia Kemp
  • Romelia Rosal
  • Tom Stevens

Adviser : Edna Wilson

TFSI Officers 2015-2016
Taranaki Filipino Society Incorporated (Founded 1994) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2015-2016

in photo from L-R : Romelia, Pat, Ulinda, Tom, Lulu, Gemma, Chona, David, Prescilla & Lorin
not in photo : Edna & Sim — with Patricia Kemp, Sims Delos Santos, Edna Calzada Pintor Wilson, Taranaki Filipino, Taranaki Filipino Soc, Gemstylist Hairbeautynails, David Ban and Prescilla Macales.

From the President’s Desk – May 2015

TFSI-PresidentHello Everyone

I hope you and your families are having a good year so far.

This time we have a quiet month, but we have a thanksgiving to all the volunteers to helped us with acheiving the success of our Labour Weekend. If this includes you please let me know, or ring one of the Committee, so that you can be booked in.

Do not forget our AGM on June 13, 2015. Bring your favourite food to share with everyone. I hope I will see you all there.

Ulinda Sandford

Photos – January 2015

From the President’s Desk – January 2015

TFSI-PresidentHello Everyone

I hope you and your families are in good health, better than last year. I met some newcomers from the Philippines and hope they are coping in their new different environment.

It was good to see everyone at our Christmas Party having fun and enjoying a few laughs. Christmas in New Zealand is very much different to Christmas in the Philippines.

Do not forget our coming Valentine event. Bring your husband or partner for a dance – we also have a surprise for you.

Happy New Year to all and I hope I will see you all again in the near future.

Ulinda Sandford

From the President’s Desk – November 2014

Hello Everyone

Congratulations for our first most successful Pistang Filipino weekend. First of all I would like to thank everyone who was involved in it, such as our members, volunteers, the sports team members, singers, dancers and the beauty pageant contestants all the supporters, and to all the committee for their efforts to put together this successful event. The weekend was awesome and I loved every minute of it. A big pat on the backs for our organising committee. It was a great team effort., I think we hosted a well run outstanding weekend. I am so proud of what we achieved and the weather was so perfect for us.

We are now compiling our income and expense accounts. We were very lucky with the TSB Trust underwriting the weekend – $13,000 to cover our costs. All our many months of planning and work has paid off.

Thank you to Harold for his support and work on our newsletters and programme.

Thank you to all and all the best for Christmas and New Year.

Ulinda Sandford

From the President’s Desk – September 2014

Hello Everyone

We are getting very close to our Labour Weekend so all the Committee are very busy working on their tasks and projects. The girls are busy practicing their dances for the show.

We are going to be hosting a lot of visitors with about 40 basketball teams, 26 volleyball teams, 14 ten-pin bowling teams as well as darts, pool and golf. In addition we have our Beauty Pageant night as well as our Cultural Evening which means more visitors. With only six weeks to go before our big event make sure you have got your tickets for the two nights. The tickets are available from Ticketmaster for the two nights at the TSB Showplace.

Thanks to all the Committee and volunteers for your hard work in organising this event.Thanks to Edna for her commitment to this Society and to my husband,John, for his support and advice.

Do not forget the Market Days on Saturday and Sunday where you can buy both food and the ingredients for cooking your own.

So, see you there.

Ulinda Sandford

Message from The Secretary – September 2014

Kumusta mga kabayan,

We have got 5 more weeks to go and I cannot wait to see the fruits of the committees labour.

I have ticked my planner nicely and organised the volunteers from the Couples for Christ and Jesus is Lord. Both religious groups have been pleasantly welcoming me into their meetings and I was given the opportunity to speak to their congregation.

I would like to thank their leaders, Efren Montalla of CFC, and Jun Lamorena of JIL. I cannot thank you enough for your involvement in this enormous task that was laid on my shoulders. I have carried such burden and you made them light for me. Many hands make light work.

God Bless us All. We look forward to the future and show the whole of New Zealand our togetherness here in Taranaki. We might be small in area but we have big hearts.

Thanks again and I envisage that this is going to be a very successful hosting weekend for us .
Yours Sincerely

Edna Wilson
On behalf of TFSI

From the President’s Desk – July 2014

Kumusta Kayong Lahat

I hope everyone is in good health, keeping warm over the winter and taking care of yourselves, because we are looking forward to seeing you on Labour Weekend – It is now only three months to go.

We are now counting down the biggest event that the Taranaki Filipino Society has ever hosted. I hope you are spreading the word to all the Filipino outside Taranaki to come to our weekend. Book your motel early for the holiday.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us so keep this date free in your diary. Evelyn and I went to Wellington to attend the Philippine Independence Day celebrations. This was hosted by the Embassy and well attended by over one hundred people from different countries with our M.P. Chester Borrow. The ceremony was followed by food, drinks and entertainment.

Congratulations to all the officers who were elected again to the committee, and welcome to our new committee members.

Thank you everyone.

Ulinda Sandford