From the Secretary’s Desk – January 2013

Prospero Ano Felicidad everyone…

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who donated money during our Christmas Carolling. We had so much fun.

Our Christmas party was also a hit. More people attended than what were expected. Thanks to Bing Robertson and company for the venue decoration.

The executive committee met last Sunday 6th January and discussed the plan for the 2014 Pistang Pilipino sa New Plymouth. You will be updated as we finalise the booking of our sports and beauty pageant venues.

First up is our usual summer BBQ picnic activity which will be held on 19th January, 2013, in time for Patricia Miss Chiquitita Kemps 60th birthday celebration. No need to bring food but please bring your own drinks. Bring yourself, swimming togs, sunhat, sun block, beach umbrellas, insect repellent and an empty stomach to fill with Patricia’s yummy food preparations. See you at Ngamotu beach from 11am. This is an all day affair, weather permitting please God, make it a sunny day. We will have games. Bring your children and please supervise them all the time. We do not want any mishaps.

Next is the Valentines evening to be held on the 10th February, 2013 at Fitzroy Golf Club. Like last year, this event is very promising. Bring your Valentine partner and enjoy the dancing and the food that is going to be catered. You need to pay $12.00 per person for the supper. The society will pay the venue hire. The bar will be opened.

The Multi-Ethnic Extravaganza is back again on 9th March. As usual, we are participating with much enthusiasm in the parade, entertainment and food stall. Any
help from members or non-members will be much appreciated.

Our activities are all lined up for the succeeding months until our AGM in June. Some fundraising ideas have been brought up and we will carefully consider its potential. We will continue to do sausage sizzles and lotto bonus fundraising.

My profound gratitude goes to all my friends who donated money for the loss of my brother. My brother Jun, Melecio C. Pintor, Jr is like our second father in the Pintor family. He lost his fight against prostate cancer, diagnosed 4 years ago.

Kind regards,

Edna Wilson

From the Secretary’s Desk – September 2012

Kumusta mga kababayan,

It was good to see that the sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing on my face when I arrived back from my 3 week holiday in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida as you may know, is the Sunshine State in the USA. Keith and I had so m uch fun and a lovely time catching up with my older sister and her family and other nephews and nieces who came all the way from Bakersfield, California; Connecticut; Minnesota; Kansas; and Virginia. We even had a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas. The weather was perfect to get away from the gloomy winter days that we had here. Enough for my exciting vacation, now I have to get back to reality, work and more work, not only for my own work as a nurse but also as a Secretary of our society, and Secretary of the Hamblyn Family History Group.

We have definite plans for the upcoming 2014 Pistang Pilipino to be held here in New Plymouth. The committee have never been so sure if we can do it, but after meeting a few stakeholders and important people in the community we have now decided to go for it and we are now enthusiastic and more committed than ever to pursue organising this event.

Let me tell you what Ulinda, Lulu and I have done in the past months. We met Howie Tamati of Sports Taranaki and Paul Stancliffe-Wh ite of Venture Taranaki and the outlook is promising. We also met up with Dr. Noblejas, the President of the Federation and the Secretary Steve Robertson. It is all very encouraging that we will have all the support we need from the Federation and very reassuring that they will do whatever they can to make this event successful here in Taranaki. As this is our first time here in New Plymouth, we can t help to feel very apprehensive over how we go about it. Hamilton and Wellington have sent us their pro posed budget from previous Pistang Pilipino to give us a bird s eye view of the expenses for the weekend of festivities.

We are also blessed with new committee members that are very active and have given us good ideas on how it would make it easy for us. I would like to thank Ray Gaffaney, Prescilla Macales, and Helen OKeefe for joining our committee. I would also like to thank Chona Garcia for her contributions in the past years, who chose to stand down this year and take a break. I am sure that we can still ask for her help when we need it.

We will not be successful if only few people will do the job of organising an event. We need your help, the whole membership and maybe non-members as well who will kindly donate their time and effort. We cannot give you money, we all are volunteers. All we ask is a portion of your time to help us in our fundraising, volunteering to be involved in a subcommittee for sports, beauty pageant, cultural show or night, food stalls, etc.

We hope that in the spirit of onenes s that we Filipinos are famous for, we can pull this off. Please feel free to call or email me with any ideas and suggestions. We, the committee are looking forward to working with you.

Mabuhay tayong lahat,

Edna Pintor Wilson

From the President’s Desk – July 2012


How are you? I hope you are in good health, despite all the influenza and colds going around as usual at this time of year.

The big focus over the next two years is the Taranaki Filipino Society hosting the 2014 Labour Weekend functions. I do not believe it is beyond our capabilities, but it is going to involve a lot of time and effort as there is a lot of planning and organising required. Currently we are trying to find suitable venues with the assistance of Sports Taranaki and Venture Taranaki.

To achieve everything and make the 2014 Labour Weekend a success we
need to set up a committee so I am calling for volunteers to serve on this committee and its associated sub-committees. This is a serious
commitment involving your time and effort over an extended period of time.

If you can serve, please contact me or any TFS committee member.
Elsewhere in the newsletter there is a letter from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs encouraging overseas Filipinos to register and vote in the Philippine national elections to be held on 13 May 2013.

On behalf of the Society I would also like to congratulate Honey Ibag on her successes at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles.

See you around and God Bless us all…

Ulinda Sandford

Photos – May 2012

From the President’s Desk – May 2012

Kumusta kayong lahat,

I hope you are in good health, as are my family and I, apart from the ongoing effects from shifting to the new shop. John and I knew it would be a big undertaking, but neither of us really appreciated how much work was involved. What with the planning and organising the new premises which took a lot of time, the actual move itself was real hard graft – I still have lots of boxes in storage in the house. Both John and myself are looking forward with eager anticipation to the day when we can say “it is done”, and finally sit down and relax – well as much as we ever do with all our other commitments.

I thank all those members of the committee and others who have covered for me over the last few months, ensuring the Society still functions smoothly.

Our Annual General Meeting is fast approaching as you are aware, where we are going to have an Election of Officers. Those people who are elected, take care and actively maintain our society during his or her term and are committed to the Society’s aims and objectives. I ask, nay beseech, everyone to attend on the evening of 15 June and seriously consider standing for office, as the more committee members we have the more we can achieve, and everyone’s load is lightened. Even if you cannot serve on the committee your vote and inpu is needed. We also have to start discussing and planning for Labour Weekend 2014 when your Society hosts the activities and competitions, and remember if you wish to take part in these you have to be financial members of the Society.

Again I thank the outgoing committee for their help and support throughout the year – I could not have done it alone.

See you at the AGM as your presence is needed and God Bless us all…

Ulinda Sandford

Annual World Championships of Performing Arts


Evanny Ibag was selected to represent New Zealand at the annual World Championships of Performing Arts later this year. (6 July 15 July 2012).

Team New Zealand will represent New Zealand for the sixth time at the 16th annual World Championships for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. Participants from over 40 countries are invited to compete at this prestigious event. Evanny will be leaving with TeamNew Zealand on the 30th of June 2012 and return to NewZealand on the 15th of July 2012 arriving in Auckland on 17 July 2012.

This is a very special opportunity for her to compete internationally and possibly furthering her career. This is a major accomplishment, which may only come once in a lifetime! Unfortunately the costs are high and they have to rely on sponsors, donations and fundraising to make their dream come true.

The costs for her airline ticket, accommodation, entry fees, seminars,World Stars boot camp, teamuniform and taxes etc. amount to about NZ$6,500 per contestant.

To make it possible for her to represent her country, financial assistance is needed in the form of donations towards her travel expenses, hotel costs, meals etc. Without sponsorship she will not be able to reach her goals and we are therefore asking for any kind of sponsorship / donation.

Evanny will greatly appreciate your donation.

TheWorld Championships website:

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Kind regards,

National Director: New Zealand
World Championships of the Performing Arts


Hello Everyone!

Good day to you all!

I am Evanny Honey Ibag, Filipino Citizen and a Permanent Resident in New Zealand. I have lived in New Zealand since September 2007. I currently work in Ward 1 Taranaki Base Hospital. I am best known as “HONEY”. Before anything else I would like to give you a bit of background of myself. Year 2007, I arrived in the Garden City of Christchurch – full of hopes and dreams in the land of the long white cloud. I stayed in Christchurch for 2 years and eventually finished my return to nursing course and became registered in New Zealand. I’ve got lots of memories in Christchurch and friends and family in there will always be close to my heart.

Currently, I have been living in New Plymouth for 3 years and have been involved in various musical activities around town. I have been involved in Taranaki Star 2011 and was included as one of the finalists. From then on it opened the door for me to musicians and great talents in Taranaki. I have also been involved in the Rugby World Cup 2011 singing the National Anthem of the countries that played here in Taranaki Yarrow Stadium. I belong to a group called Acapella Bella which every end of each music term will sing in Singer Songwriters New Plymouth and last year we got invited to record in Access Radio Taranaki. I have performed in Pukekura Park in co-operation with the Festival of Lights 2011. I am one of the members of Performing Arts Collective and had lunchtime entertainment in Espresso Cafe for some time last year. And lastly I have played as Tina Turner in th e recently Hospice Fund Raising Show – musical comedy “The Wedding Singer 2012” last month in TSB SHOWPLACE. There has been a National Competition held in Howick, Auckland for all the Performing Artists in New Zealand, both professional and amateurs, last March 8-10, 2012. Luckily, I brought back 3 silver medals and 1 gold medal upon singing 4 categories of songs (broadway, musical, pop, open and variety categories) and a chance to compete in Los Angeles, California for the 16th Annual World Championship of Performing Arts.
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From the Secretary’s Desk – February 2012

Kumusta mga kabayan (How are you, countrymen/women),

First of all I would like to express my heartfelt concerns on Ulinda’ s brother in the Philippines who had been a victim of an assault and now lying in hospital with serious injuries and on life support. Let us all pray for him for his early recovery. May the Lord bless him and may he regain his good health soon. The past months have been quite hectic for the officers and members of our society. The Christmas carolling, New Year’s Eve Party, the Pukekura Park Festival of Lights presentation, and then Valentine’s Day Party. All these activities have made us much closer and very much involved. I am pleased to say that our membership has improved and now we have at least over 65 financial members.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions. I would like to specially thank the Couples for Christ group who participated in our cultural performance at the park. I also would like to thank Ruel Sanchez for leading the choir group. Thanks to Evanne Hull for acting as our compere. Thanks to all the performers, too many names to mention but you know that I mean you because you were there and you gave your best. With our efforts, we continue to raise funds for our community. Recently, Ulinda conducted the lotto bonus and we had the raffle at the Valentine’ s Day party. Thanks to those who bought tickets and those who donated goods for our raffle.

Next month, we are going to have a beach picnic at Ngamotu Beach, on Taranaki Anniversary Day. Bring your husband/wife/partner and children, swimming togs, hats, sun block, towels, sandfly spray skin protector, beach umbrella, and most importantly your food and drinks. Its our family day (weather permitting) and you can also bring your cricket ball & bat, volleyball & net, anything that you can play games with. To all parents, please keep a close watch on your children to prevent any accidents. No Multi Ethnic Extravaganza this year but instead there s a Race Relations Day on Wednesday 21st March, 5:30-8:00pm to be held at Huatoki Plaza. Our committee have talked about it and decided that we will participate. We will have a food stall and present an entertainment; either a dance or a song. We are counting on your support.

On Easter Monday, our first Sausage Sizzle fundraising for the year. If you can help, we welcome you. Just turn up at the New Plymouth Warehouse at 9 am.

See you around and God Bless us all…

Edna Wilson

Photos – February 2012

Photos – Philippine Ambassador Virginia Benavidez