From the President’s Desk – October 2011

Hi everybody.

It is so good to see you happy, especially on the dance floor. How are you? I hopeyou are in good health, winter is over. How is your work?

We have new faces and new members. On the committee we now have Nanay Sim and Bing Robertson. Welcome to the new committee and thank you to the

outgoing committee. A good time was had by all at the Spring Ball and thank you to everyone for the hard work to organise the programme and decorate the hall – well done for a great job. I can see that we have beautifull young ladies coming to our club, and we want you back again supporting our functions. During the ball some of the husbands watched the rugby – so everyone was happy enjoying themselves.

This Labour Weekend we are going to Hamilton, so if any one wants to go ring me on (06) 765 5615, or Edna on (06) 751 1766. Or you can find your own accommodation and transport as we are organised already.

I would like to mention that from now until April I will be very, very busy because I have a project to complete. Because of this I need your help and support, especially in March for the Multi-ethnic Extravaganza which involves a lot of work to organise. Thank you in advance for your support.

If anyone is interested in going to Auckland for Sharon’s concert, or you need a hand or help, ring us.


Ulinda Sandford

From the Secretary’s Desk – October 2011


Before I became officially elected as the Secretary this year, some members expressed a desire to conduct a religious gathering or prayer, such as the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in every interested household. Bing Robertson would like to start this off. So if you are keen, come and join us and then we can start the chain. Please see the special invitation on the next page.

The Committee would like to apoligise for the cancellation of the November “Guy Fawkes Evening” due to no venue being available. The carolling is still going to happen and we encourage members or non-members who are aware of this annual activity of the Society to contact us if you want our carollers to come to your home. Please look at the dates in the Upcoming Attractions and chose which one will suit you best. This is one of our fundraising efforts to finance our activities.

A group of us are going to Hamilton this Labour Weekend to accompany Michelle Lupian, Miss NZ Philippines 2010, as she hands over her crown to this year’s winner. Ulinda and I will attend the Federation meeting and represent our Society.

The next event that I would like to encourage members to attend is the Festival of Lights. As we have done successfully before, this promises to be another outstanding performance from our Society from a cultural perspective. If interested contact Chona or Gemma. We already have a line up of entertainers, so hurry before space runs out.

Looking forward to your participation and cooperation!!!!

Secretarially yours

Edna Wilson

Photos of the Month – August 2011

From the President’s Desk – August 2011

Hi everyone. I hope you are in good health.

I am very sorry that this newsletter is very late because of my absence. I went back home to attend the funeral of my sister and just arrived back two weeks ago. It is sad to think about one of us when we have a problem, but that is life – we just have to carry on.

I would like to thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work and their support during the last year, and to extend a warm welcome to the new committee.

I was very sorry to hear about Emmie and our thoughts go out to her family. I hope after this rough time that we have good luck – we need to look after each other.

Hi kids. Did you have a good time playing in the snow in your back yard.

I’ll see you at the party.


Ulinda Sandford

From the Secretary’s Desk – August 2011


How is everyone? Did you see the snow falling in New Plymouth? It was amazing wasn’t it.

Anyway, I thought I will say a few words for our first newsletter this year. As your elected secretary, I will try my very best to fit in all the activities that we have planned for this year. I will try to answer your burning questions and take them to the committee meeting.

First up, the committee thought that we would start with a Spring Ball. I am really excited with this, we can wear our best evening gown, with our men wearing their formal black tie outfit. If you have no man, don’t worry. Just come yourself. As for me, I am not sure if my husband will come either. So, don’t be shy, come and enjoy the evening. There will be singing and dancing, games and prizes.

A few of us members are also heading to Auckland to see Gary Valenciano’s concert on the 16th September. I am one of the drivers, and I hope I do not get too tired – I may have to drink lots of coffee. With me are Evelyn Rosewarne, Rose Smith, Chona Garcia and Clarita Hall. Ulinda is taking about nine with her, and Nanette is taking Sol, Manang Ely, Mae and another person. We should have lots of fun.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of the committee. We would love to hear from you. Let us know if you are new or just arrived in New Plymouth. We are a support group and if there is anything that we can help you with, or just to have a friendly chat, give us a call. Our phone numbers are on page 2.

Edna Wilson

Mutli-Ethnic Photos

From the President’s Desk – May 2011

Hello everyone

I hope you are having a good year and this newsletter finds you in good health. As for us we are all fine. This year we have had a good year and a bad year. Bad because of our kababayan in Christchurch and Auckland. We cannot do anything to stop these natural disasters happening – all we can do is offer whatever practical help we can (refer to the letters from the Federation elsewhere in this newsletter), and include them in our prayers.

For all the Committee, well done. You have done a great job over the last year. Thank you so much for all the work you have put in. Also a special thanks to the dancers, singers, performers and the organisers. Thank-you to all the helping hands for the Taranaki Multi-Ethnic Extravaganza. We had a good turn out – a good cook from Hawera, and all those people who travelled from New Plymouth, Inglewood, Stratford and Waitara to help in preparing the food, as well as erecting our tent. Even though it rained we never gave up.
Thank-you very much for your outstanding effort.

It was very good to be invited down to Wellington for their Asian Fiesta – it’s just like our own Multi-Ethnic Extravaganza, but limited to Asian ethnic groups. They try very hard but there are not very many of them.

This is my last message for the year and I would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting so that you can vote and elect your Executive Committee for the coming year. I ask you to please come and join us. Remember this is the time to say whatever is on your mind to give positive direction to the incoming Committee, or, if you have the time stand for the Committee. I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you, and I wish I could do more, but it is sometimes hard when you are working and your husband is also involved in much volunteer work – at times we are both double booked for the same weekend.

Probably some of you are wondering why we are always fundraising, such as selling raffle tickets everytime we have a party. We fundraise because this is how we get most of our income. If we did not fundraise we would have no money to pay for our hall hire, dancer’s uniforms, newsletters and other expenses. Who is going to be our benefactor who gives us the money for these expenses? Me? You ?? All the past Committees and past members have worked very hard for the money we now have in the bank account, so the very least we can do is look after it for them (and us). We have to budget for what we spend and also support and help those who are doing the fundraising.

Once again I beseech you – please come to the AGM this coming 18 June, so that we can vote for the officers and members of the Committee. If you have any time for the Society then join in – raise your hand. Even if you cannot stand for election to the Committee we look forward to seeing you there.

Thank You.

Ulinda Sandford

Photos – March 2011

From the President’s Desk – March 2011

Hello everyone,

It’s time again to ask how you all are, and how you are coping with the children going back to school?

We are shocked by the Christchurch earthquake and extend our sympathy to everyone affected by the quake. This time the tragedy was as the result of nature and not man-made. I call on all our members and friends to help by providing practical support to the Filipino, our kababayan, affected by the disaster by donating any extra money. If you give all donations to our Treasurer, Lulu, she will ensure that the money is distributed to the Filipino that require assistance through the Federation. Elsewhere in the newsletter is a letter from the Federation seeking your support – thanks.

Welcome to all our new Filipino that have arrived in New Zealand. I hope they are settling in and making friends.

On a personal note; good news about my boy. He is clear of the cancer, but has to have three-monthly check-ups to see if he is still OK – Thank you God. We have the Multi-ethnic Extraganza coming up in two weeks time and I need help to cook and to serve on the stall. If you can help: call me on 06 765 5615, or call Lulu on 06 756 8952, or call any of our Committee members.

Thank you.

Ulinda Sandford

The Graduates

Stephanie Dulce Wilson, middle child of Keith and Edna Wilson, has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science with a double major in Human Nutrition and Sport & Exercise Science in May 2010 at Massey University, Palmerston North. Shaina Lynne Rosewarne, middle daughter of Evelyn Rosewarne and the late Lester Rosewarne, has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications majoring in Television and Film in March 2010 at New Zealand Broadcasting School, Christchurch.